the idea

Kepler-425b is a work of fiction, something created in the middle of dreams, pandemic, fears and hopes. Waves of ideas took the writer mind; it was like she was being dragged to a deep ocean full of stars.

Arzu is secretive, preferring the isolation of her writing-room to the streets of any city. She lives alone, surrounded by books, always thinking about the future and humankind. She never chose to be a writer, but the words are chosen her. Accepting the challenge was something impulsive. Now the book is on the way.

If you are a fan of science fiction with a twist of reality, you will lose yourself in this story. In the book, the heroine is not a conventional one. A woman ready to jump in a space journey to rediscover herself and bring hope to the humankind.

This woman’s travel to the new Earth is full of memories of past actions and decisions, historical and personal, building a book used as a guide for the new home.

Come to dream, talk, travel and rebuild together with Dr and see if, in the end, humankind has a chance.

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